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Haloooooo. Finally, saya bisa bikin postingan lagi. Namun, kali ini saya membuat postingan tentang salah satu lagu favorit saya (at least untuk saat ini). Ini adalah lagu Korea (saya suka Korea? Yes). Saya hanya sekadar suka lagu-lagunya, not more than that. Judul lagunya ini adalah Go Up. Lagu ini dinyanyikan oleh A team (currently is called by Winner. It’s a long story regarding A team to Winner. If you’re curious, just search WIN (Who Is Next)). Lagu ini dicomposed oleh si Leader, Kang Seung Yoon. Liriknya dibuat oleh Kang Seung Yoon, Song Mino (rapper), dan Lee Seung Hoon (rapper and choreographer). Lagu ini dinyanyikan ketika the last battle (self-composed) di episode terakhir WIN. Lagu ini benar-benar klimaks dari perjuangan tim A yang selama ini di-overshadowed sama tim B. Saya suka lagu dan liriknya karena. Liriknya benar-benar menggambarkan situasi mereka saat ini yang sedang dilanda kegundahan, apakah mereka akan debut atau akan keluar dari YG. Mau tahu bagaimana performansi team A ketika menyanyikan lagu ini di the last battle? Click here! Here’s the English lyrics. Enjoy it!

By Winner

[Jin Woo]
I’ve been walking endlessly
Following the light that is smiling far away
So I can escape from this pitch-black darkness
I want to smile brightly, too

[Seung Hoon]
My gun always points upwards
In order to shoot a guy larger than I am
I make this stage a runway and take-off, a fancy flight
I am not gifted but consistency is my weapon
The rice lowers its head as it ripens
I’ve grown up from my childhood
Above the black line I drew in front of my door with a pen

[Seung Yoon]
Even if we fail, crash, and get wounded
And a hole is drilled into our hearts
For us, we don’t need tears
Even if we fall down a hundred times
We get up, We’ll go up

[Tae Hyun]
Throw your worries up to the sky
Blow up
We’re here for you
Get up
Hold each other hands and lift them up Hands up
We will overcome everything
Yeah, we’ll go up up up
(Let’s go up to the sky)
Yeah, we’ll go up up up

I dream but I don’t sleep
Use success as our security
Sell our youth
A piece of glass in my shoe
Leaving a red mark with each step, Right
Even if you tear friendship is half
The affection remains, by any means
Even as we step on each other
Let’s push each other
And point straight up with 110 fingers, go up

[Jin Woo]
I have come up without fears
Causing the star that shines above
Because I want to shine
Like the stars in the dark night sky
So I go up narrow staircase

[Tae Hyun]
Even if we stumble our each and every step
Even if it becomes heavy
For us, there’s no other way
Even if we fall down hundreds of times
We get up
We’ll go up

(Back to chorus)
[Seung Yoon]
Our life is a drama
And this moment is the highlight
We wish for a happy ending and
We go up front the camera
In the end it’s the same
The important thing is you and me
Nothing was lost, nothing was won
Let’s go up together

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