Hello, Guys. It had been such a long time since the last time I posted about SMTM5. I am sorry, I have been struggling for my undergraduate thesis. Ok, I am about to review the final episode. As I said in the previous episode that there were three teams that went to the final, which were AOMG (Bewhy), YG (Cjamm), and illionaire (Superbee). I am jumping off to the performance now since the story background are long enough. It was started short introduction by each finalist. Bewhy came out with Forever (the best of SMTM5, in my opinion), then Superbee came out with Air DotheQ (first team song performance). Next was Cjamm with his lyrics in 60 second mission round.
First performance was Superbee. To be honest, I never expected he would appear in the final but he did so I am proud. I think he came from rich family, hahaha. I am sorry Superbee but your ahbeoji (dad) looks more handsome. Hahaha, another unnecessary thing. He performed Air to theQ pt. 2 with illionaire. Ugh, I really really like Dok2’s rapping. He is one of the best rapper in South Korea. Superbee was good, he improved. As a whole, I like this performance but Dok2 was just the best among the three and help Superbee in performance.
The second performance was Cjamm. Cjamm is Cjamm anyway, he was so chill. This song was Cjamm’s style. He started with that chill rap style but end up went strong and hard. It was so good performance. The stage was on fire and lit. Anyway there was something I do not understand, what did Kush do there? He was just like shouting “Oh….Oh…” yeah something like that. I can’t stop laughing.
Next was Bewhy from AOMG. He performed with Simon Dominic. This song called XamBaqJa that was produced by Bewhy himself. He is so well-rounded. However this song does not suit Ssamd at all, it has Bewhy’s style. I can’t stop laughing at Ssamd. Hahaha. The stage was so good also. Overall, my rank for those performances are Cjamm > Bewhy > Superbee. Round 1 has finished. Bewhy came out first, then Cjamm, and Supebee that means Superbee was eliminated. He cried, nooo please Superbee don’t cry. FYI, he is 22 yo, the same age as me but he can reach this level by getting into the final of SMTM5. You know how hard being into SMTM5, if you did tiny mistakes, Knet (Korean Netizen) can bash you for the rest of your life. I am so proud of Superbee.
Second round started with Cjamm feat. Crush. OMG Crush’s voice though. Compared to his first performance, this performance was more calm and I like it better. And I like the song itself. Then was Bewhy. He still produced hiw own song called “Fake”. Fake sounds kinda like religious song. When I read the lyrics, yes I was true. The lyrics were so so deep. “God makes no mistakes”. I mean he is beyond my expectations. When others rapper made lyrics with “I am the best… bla bla” kinda like self-praiseness but Bewhy came out differently. And he has that rap sty;e that went straight to the well-delivered lyrics. Hm…. I do not know how to describe it. For me, both were good. I can’t choose who is the better one. But Bewhy’s performance remain the light spot tiny point in my heart. There was performance by eliminated contestants, Flowsik, Taewon, Boi B, G2, and Hash Swan. G2’s rap was so so good and he did not forget his lyrics. Im happy ;) I like SMTM5 squads a lot.
Finally, the announcement was about to be shouted out. Dung dung dung. Yesssss AOMG team won. Congratulation Bewhy. Well-deserved. He was the winner form the start. Hahaha, joking. I mean he got all the attention, loves from people. Yes he did. He not only won over people’s attention but he is also really good rapper. While some other contestants brought such big names in featuring stage, listen, Bewhy ONLY got his own producer (Simon Dominic and Gray) and another AOMG CEO aka Jay Park. He shined by his own, not by others. People voted him because he is good, not because the idols brought (Yes, I am in shading mode). Please clap for Bewhy. One more thing, he did not follow what trend is right now like dabbing. No, he is being himself, that rap style of straight up. He is. Congratulation Bewhy, I am going to miss your performance a lot. And Im going to miss SMTM5 soooo much, this season is so good.


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