Hello, everyone. I am going to review SMTM eps 9. Sigh. Time flies so quick, does not it? I feel just tomorrow to start review this show, but now it’s up to eps 9 which is going to end in one more eps. I cant lie that I am still bitter and salty about Flowsik’s elimination. But move on. Ok, do yall still remembers who are the rappers would still left remain? There are six rappers remain, three out of them are from YG team. They are Xitsuh, Cjamm, Reddy, Superbee, Gun, and Bewhy. Next, AOMG team must choose one rapper from YG to against with. Everyone be like “He will choose Cjamm”. Hm...... Are you sure? Bewhy is not that dumb to against Cjamm, he chooses rapper who can he beat obviously. Lol. Final is ahead, why would he choose a strong opponent for rating? He chooses Reddy in the end. In others side, Superbee chooses Chulgu that it means Gun must compete with Cjamm. Arghhh poor Gun, how come he beat Cjamm? The level are a far different though. I bet Cjamm has already prepared for the final.
Firstly, the rapper can go with featuring. Lol, I already known how YG teams would work. Of course, they are gonna invite “big idol”. Watch my words as if invite Mino is not enough. Sorry to say this but I hope YG team STOP bringing popular idols like please let your rappers shine. It would be backfired if the feat idol/artist dominates more than the actual “actor” here. And lol as expected of YG, they brings Zico. Must they go that hard to compete with Gun? Lol. While MadGill is bringing Jessi. In rehearsal, Gun is awkward because Jessi is on the screen instead of being there with him. Of course he does not know how to act on stage when the featuring artist is not coming. It’s time to perform with a song called “Asshole” by Gun feat. Jessi. I love the song already, Jessi is goot at singing. Plus Gun’s rapping is good here. He does not need to scream but rap straightly. Eventhough his rapping is good, but I think compared to Cjamm, his rapping is not that threatened. Jessi’s part is so addicting. He looks so much much better than the rehearsal. I am so so proud of Gun, really. Having been in semifinal is a big achievement from him, I mean with that kind ability of rapping, it is like surprising. Ok, next is Cjamm feat. Zico. Yeah Zico, the best idol rapper out there. Yeah the song is good, but surprisingly, Cjamm is messing up his lyrics. I cant believe Cjamm makes mistake. Hm... Would it be turned out? Stay tunes. Honestly, Zico is just too good I mean he is kinda outshines Cjamm. But Cjamm is Cjamm anyway.
Next is Chulgu vs Superbee. Oh I am so surprised that Chulgu is actually a smart student. He used to study in America and he had almost perfect marks. Wow, I am speechless.I think he comes from rich family, judged from the TV ok. Then suddenly I want Xitsuh to win. What in the world? He is featuring with Suran with a song called “And”. Hm.... I am sorry Xitsuh, there is no special thing about his performance. His rap is average-level and he performs a sad performance. So, I do not expet anything. It feels boring, I am sorry Xitsuh. Superbee is performing now, he invites Mikrodot (Sanchez’s younger brother). When I watched his reherseal, I was like “Cuteee” Hahaha, the intro is so cute. I swear the intro is so cute, he wears a dolphin hat and he is dabbing. OMG, stop this trend dabbing thingy. But then, a strong song appears. Wow, so cool. I say this, Mikrodot is good performer, like Zico is. He can hype up the audiences. It’s lit.
Next is Reddy vs Bewhy. Of course, YG brings another idol which is Bobby. Hahahahaha. Not surprising tho. Ok, I will staright up to the performance. Bewhy starts with playing piano from his song “The time goes on”. Omo omo, it’s so beautiful. Bewhy is so talented. Go Bewhy Go Bewhy. Tbh, I love Ssamd’s reaction. It’s gold. Hahaha. Am I too biased? His song “Day-Day” is that type of catchy song with Jay Park featuring (AOMG’s CEO and SMTM4 producer). I am sorry but he looks awkward by doing this. Bewhy suits a type of serious and strong song like the previous eps with Forever. Ok, next is Reddy performance. It is actually strong rap feat Bobby. Hm... the stage is lit. Just it. Based on rapping, Bewhy >>>> Reddy. Now is time to reveal the result. Cjamm wins over Gun with a little different amount of money. It’s a big achievement of Gun though, I mean Kush said it would be a history of big different amount of money but it turns out to be this small. Good job, Gun. Gun is eliminated, that means the producers are also eliminated. Superbee wins over Xitsuh, it’s so obviously though, judged from the performance. It’s ok Xitsuh, you are improving so much. I am also proud of you. Ok, dung dung Reddy vs Bewhy result. Oh my God, the different tho. I am so so surpised. Bewhy 1st round earnings is 4.475.000 won while Reddy is only 225.000 won. And the final round Bewhy earns totally 7.550.000 won while Reddy is 1.825.000. Wow, such a big different. I mean wow, I know Bewhy is so so popular but it does not make any sense that Reddy loses with that much different. Reddy, you have worked really hard. The final lines up contestants are Bewhy, Superbee and Cjamm. Can not wait for the final. Go Bewhy.

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