Kpop is Not Only those Things but A thing


What is in your mind once you heard about Kpop? A group of men doing synchronized dancing with the same-matching outfit? Or a group of woman wearing a short pant and have pretty long legs? Well, you are not wrong though, I mean those are a part of kpop world or you might hear this "Hallyu wave" or the Korean craze. I used to dismiss and call my friend, who are kpop fans, were weird because I thought watching the same performances with the same boring outfit, hard dancing, and lipsync singing-technical all over again were absurd and a time waste. This question was often be asked by me once I watched my female friends were fangirling over:

"How come you watch the same performances all over again? For God's sake, these are all the same." Or
"Why did those guys look so feminine?" 

     Since my friends were all over Kpop, I could not not to care. Until some day, one of my friends, showed me a MV of Super Junior who were crazily well-known that time. The first ever Korean song that I heard was Mr. Simple and I could not lie that it was so catchy. Well, karma does exist. I began to explore about the others song and guess what? I might like them? Did I really like kpop now? I was not sure that time. Again, I found another group who lead me deeper to this kpop world. They are SHINee (Super Junior's younger label mates). The different was SHINee had lesser members and their dance is harder than Suju's. I started to follow every SHINee's activities, such as CFs, variety show, concert, and even surfed about their private life. However, it was just a phase I guess since I was bored after that. 
     Getting into college did not mean I could forget about Kpop. Actually, I have many friends who also like Kpop. My fangirling mode was returning since the day I heard "Monster" by Big Bang, it was not catchy typical-like Korean song usually were, it was harder and having hip-hop unsure inside it. Since I like it, I searched for others Big Bang’s songs and I would constantly love them. Knowing Big Bang I realized that Kpop is not in that a boundary of a stigma that reveals the general facts spread over the world, but more of it. Trust me, once you know Big Bang, your point of view of seeing kpop would totally different. You would not see “feminine” guys with synchronized and hard dance, but a weak ass dance and full energy instead. Big Bang really broke the stereotypes of Kpop in general. You can see the different between Big Bang and others kpop group by watching their performances.

Kpop is like a side world to only enjoy and look for temporary happiness despite facing the tough life in reality. I mean I was using it as entertainment. A sasaeng or diehard fans. I totally hate and against it. The truth is the Koreans fans are mostly surrounded by High School students who are still immature and having a narrow mind that their favorite groups are the best in all category. Bullshit, let’s admit that the idols are also human who have weakness side. I hate when fans give overwhelmed praise to their favorite and downgraded the others group, especially groups from small company. Hardcore fans like fanwar to prove the extraordinary of their favorite group. But it is Kpop after all, a place for bunch of girls chanting their favorite.

Back to topic that Kpop is still all about what I had written above. Miraculously, I found another boy group who catching my attention. They were Winner (Big Bang’s younger label mates). They were totally different with Big Bang. Since stanning Winner, I made fangirling Twitter account to only talk about this Korean thing. I started to make friends from over the world, Italy, Philippines, Thailand, England, Malaysia, Singapore, and many more. Of course, I thought my English was improving? Since we only talk using English, even with Indonesian friends themselves. There is a thing that hook me up until now regarding this, my new friend. I have encountered one of my internet friend, she is Ghe. She is super nice, talented, and people person. She came to Malang months ago and we decided to meet up. Others, we only communicated through social media. They are so nice and friendly. Meeting new friends mean we talked many things, not only kpop. We talked about music, politic, international issue, religion, etc. I was ignorant and clueless regarding what happened to this world before, but now I care and follow the news, not only Indonesia or South Korea, but over the world.             

Now days, I took a look into KHH (Korean Hip Hop) because Kpop was bored (well, since my favorites are on hiatus). Do not expect to find handsome oppar here since you would not find them, no I mean you nearly find them. KHH is a place for non-idols world, this place are full of talented people such as rapper, singer, producer, and many more. I was attached to SMTM (Korean Rap Survival Program). I like AOMG (Above Ordinary Music Group) and illionaire. Check them out.

Updated: One member from my favorite group decided to withdraw from group and it was so heartbreaking. He is so talented, I swear. My friends are all so sad and did not know what to say. We are clueless. Let’ s move on then. That is what I think about Kpop. Kpop is not just about just that things like fan girling, moreover, for me, it’s a place where I can find new amazing and smart friends, a place to noticed what the problem of this world, a place to share anything, non-related kpop. So, I hope those Kpop stereotype will not the same again in your side. Kpop is more classier and better than you think (well, it depends on which fandom are yours and how smart of you looking for friends) ;)  

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