Hello, since it’s nearly the end of the month in 2016, I think I will make resolutions for the next year. It is not too early, is it? I think I did not do much in this year, I would do better in the next year, I wish (I always say this when I made new year resolution).
1.    Have a proper job. I just graduated in August, since then I was being a job seeker. I targeted national company as my job. However the battle was too tight because everyone wants to join in that. PLN (Electricity National Company), Pertamina (Oil and Natural Gas Cooperation), and others. I used to step the 6th stage of PLN working test it was physical test, and guess I failed. I was so down and hurt for days until I realized that it was not the end of everything. I also applied for company that I think I am interested but no sign of it. Sigh. Now I am still jobless. Probably if I still do not have a job until the next early days, I would apply in private company or wherever because I really can’t stand for having no job. Pray that I can get a proper job. Amin.
2.   Improving my religion knowledge by listening to religion speech, joining a religion event, reading religion book, and many more. Also, I want to start memorize more surah. Amin.

3.      Reading books. I have many books, but barely finishing them. I met one of my internet friend who is nerd alert, I mean she love books so much. She often reviews the books and she looks so smart because she knew many things. From what I know, she targeted to read > 20 books this year, and she did it well, even more of it could be. I want to read many genres of books, religion, fiction, non-fiction, mysterious, and others.

4.    Improving my English and be fluent of it. I have been learning English for years but I could not still expert of it. I have to learn harder and have more practice. Wait and Deutschland, I want to level up my grade in German language.
5.      Writing. I used to write short stories, essays, articles back then when I was in college. Now, I lose the joyful of writing since I never get started again. Sigh.

I guess, those are my temporary 2017. Those can be changed, I will update if there are any changes. Thank you ;)     

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