Most people, honestly, I am sure, they have at least a regret in their lives. Like “If only I bla la bla………… It would not end up like this”. I actually have many regrets in my life, one of them is letting my friend to take a scholarship in Iran. It was sort of complicated story though and I hope I am wrong about this. I had a male friend in the early days of college whom I like to joking with. He was nice, just his voice was somehow annoying. We were in team together in a group practicum and he was so nerdy and diligent. I used to borrow some of his books since he liked purchasing and collecting subject books. Someday he said to me, “Rosa, I get a scholarship.” And I was like, “Woahhh, that is very cool of you. What kind of scholarship by the way?” He replied, “I get a scholarship from the Iran government but I think I will not accept it.” As a scholarship hunter that time, of course I could not stand with him, “But why? Why are you such an ungrateful? Hundreds of people out there are willing to take it but you are simply declining it? What is wrong with you?” And he did not respond me.    

In the sophomore year, we coincidentally were in the same class and we just talked about some things until a few weeks later, he never attended classes. I might a bit worry, it was not his habit to skip the classes without permission. One of my friends, all of a sudden, told me that he took his scholarship and went to Iran without telling the rest of his friends, including me. Of course, as a friend even though we were only a year friend, I feel so betrayed. How did he leave without telling the others? I was trying to contact him but it was so hard, did he want to cut people around him or what? Luckily in the next days, I could contact him through Whatssap.

          “Why are you so cruel, leaving for Iran?”
“You ever said to me to not to throw the chance away, have not you? I did like what you                      said to me.”
“Yeah I know, but leaving without telling?”
“I am sorry, there was a long story of it.”

And yeah, it was the last chance to contact him since he was back, being a – could not be contacted person- again. One day, I met with his relative who was being in the same organization with me. She told me about Syiah and I was so shocked after hearing the fact. I just knew, that time, Syiah is an extremist and I thought Syiah did not follow the Islamic rules, or simply, here I said that they are not Muslim. I mean, what kind of Muslim who downgraded the Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s companions except Ali? They accused Aishah ra as an adulterer and many more. They even let their followers to murder the Muslim Sunni by saying it was not sin? And Iran is the home base. I was doomed, did I send my friend to become the Syiah follower? I was in regretful for the whole time, furthermore when I tried to contact him, I end up being sad and mad. He was so hard to keep contact with. I gave up.

One day, without telling me or the others like usual, all of a sudden, he came to Malang and appeared in my college. Unfortunately, I already went to my kost. My friends were in bursting of unbelievable feeling. My friends said that he was looking for me but I could not come back since I was so tired. In the night, he came to my kost with my other friends. I was so mad and told him to not ignoring his friends in Indonesia. I asked, “You do not join with Syiah, do you?” He did not respond, just a smile. I could not ask any further, I did not know that his gestures indicated whether it means he joined Syiah or not. In the previous day, he came back to Surabaya.

Until now, each time I hear the news of Syrian genocide, I cannot believe that I have a contribution to make it heppens. I mean, if he really did join it (Naudzubillah) just how many sins that I would get? I am so pissed off Syiah but I cannot do something for the Syrian people except a pray. If only I knew that time about Syiah, I would not say that thing to him. I am praying now that he will never joined with Syiah. Either way, I was doomed and will always be regretful for my whole life.  Intinya kata Ust. Khalid, "Jika kamu menjadi faktor dalam perbuatan jelek atau baik, maka dosa atau pahala akan terus mengalir di dalam dirimu." ................................................... DID THAT MEAN I SEND MYSELF TO THE HELL???????? 

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