H+1 Lebaran, as usual my family went to pakdhe Bas (as the oldest) in Sidoarjo. But before we got there, my parents had to visit pak Bambang’s house as the leader of UPT Kemlagi (my mother’s working). Because we had to visit pakdhe Bas, we were not so long. Just ate meatball. I, my brother, and Wina walked around and took some pictures. Ok, Sidoarjo we were coming. Sidoarjo was so hot. It was hotter than Mojokerto. I took a nap not more than an hour but I sweated. Oh My God, such as sauna. Before we got back home, we visited mbak Nia’s house (pakdhe Bas’ daughter). Wow, he house was big and luxurious. It had home theater. The time was out. But then my father’s mobile phone rang. Pakdhe Tomo (from Dompu, NTB) came and he ordered my father to pick him up at the Juanda airport. First he said he was about to come at 1 pm, then 3 pm, then maghrib, and finally at 9.30 pm. Oh God, we left pakdhe Bas’ house at 12 pm. To wait the time, we visited mbah San (my grandpa’s younger brother) in Surabaya. But the time still look too long. We made of our mind to wait at the outside of the Juanda. Such usual, we took some pictures. I realize that each moment in your life must be recorded. Because you never knew when the last time you had it. We made some poses such as jumping, natural, modern-able, and many more. Maghrib had come, it was time to salat. We prayed in the airport, then just walked around with seeing many bule.
Bored bored and bored. We spent the time by walking, sitting, eating, singing, and many more but where was pakdhe Tomo ? Fortunately Wina join with my family. With her funny motto “Ojo Nesu” the time look so funny. Still bored ??? Yes it was. Pakdhe Tomo called, and in fact he transited in Djekardah. What ? From NTB to Surabaya, why it had to transit Jakarta ? lebaran effect, too many people leave for Surabaya. Ok, at leat we got the certainness. Finally he came with innocent smile. We left home at 9 pm, and 9 am we got back home. 12 hours full.  

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