On this day, Saturday 17th August 2013 is superb time with my whole family and relatives. This is a kind of tradition in my big family. I mean not only my family but others people who gather to celebrate Lebaran day. As you know my family consist of Islam and Christian but it doesn’t mean we are not close. Actually we are used to gather in the oldest’ house but we (the kids) want to have a differ situation. So, we rent a villa for a night in Kebun The, Malang.
Not so good as my family got a problem with our car on the way to reach in Kebun The. It could be there at 12 pm but late arrived at 13.30 due to the radiator of the car. I was not regretting because with this kind of problem, I knew the function of radiator, its place and how to clean it. Finally, we got the villa and met up with budhe Yayuk & family, pakdhe Prap & family. After salat Dhuhur, we run to the yard, played futsal, volley ball, paint ball, wall climbing, and rugby. so much fun, I was really happy. We laughed together. My best camera pose was jumping. I like jumping pose. So, Wina and me did jumping poses then the others followed us. The photos were good enough.
In the night, we bought some corns of the cob and coffee. Ate corn of the con in cold air with my family and relatives was immaculate moment and unforgettable. Chit chat with mbak Febri and mas Nugie improve my mind about struggle and business. He said “If you splash into the business, deceived and patient are the part of itself “. “The scholarship are spread everywhere, so you must strive for it”. Shared happiness, sadness, succeedness, and failness could improve my mind and thought that something is so weirs and uncertain. The watch shown the night getting colder, so we back to the villa.
In the morning was so cold but I didn’t want to spend my time with laziness (re:sleeping). After shubuh, we took a walk around Kebun Teh with took some pictures. That moment I always to face it in each year. Yeahhh, can’t wait to gather again in next Lebaran. But we also have a chance to gather again in September (my niece’s syukuran to build a new house. She had three houses) and Christmas. Can’t wait. Upload the photos sooner 

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