Hello everyone, it is very long time no update my blog (Thanks I still remember this blog)
Today I am about to share my friendship with the Indian girls, they are Lakshi, Shakshi, and Jasmeet.  Be honest, I was too nervous and my heart beat really fast when I was at their host family’s place. I didn’t remember the date exactly when I met them for the first time. I was worrying my English because I never talked it since graduated from SMA (Indonesian’s high school equivalent). I remembered when I met Arun, Jason, and Mainak in Elementary School of….(Sorry, I forgot). They talked fast while I just kept silent to understand what were they talking about. But here I was, I wanted to make friends from outside of Indonesia. Finally that three Indian girls came with their innocent faces, while I and others OC was waiting them around two hours. They seemed nice and kind. We had some conversations until at 11 pm, then I had to take Shakshi to her host family’s place.  She said, “I really like the night atmosphere. I like riding in the night.”
The more days I met them, the more we got along. They were funny especially the photogenic one, Jasmeet Kaurr. We had beautiful moment together, spent the day in Matoz, taught in unfortunate kids school, learned to paint, danced Kuch-Kuch Hotahai (I am not sure with the spelling), and many more. However, I had to struggle really hard to balance my time between my academic and accompany them to teach English since I was the exchange controller (Someone who always accompanies the interns while doing activities) and at the time, I was haunted by the deadline of practical laboratory report. I went to college to revise my report in the morning. Then, I accompanied my intern, then came back to college to revise my report [again], then studied in class. After studying in class, sometimes I accompanied Jason, Mainak, and Arun to teach in Sunan Ampel or got to assistant activities. Even though it was hard but I enjoyed it too much. I finally got my final exam, in the same time the farewell party was held too. I was sorry to not coming since I had to study for my final exam tomorrow. In the third day of the final exam, I went to Shakshi host family’s place. I wanted to spend more with her since tomorrow she would left for Indonesia. She cooked me a pasta, and gave me some Indian noodles foods. We took photo together and laughed out loud. I gave my handmade bag to her because I knew she really loved bags. A day after, finally they came back to their country, and I could focus on my final exam but be honest, I missed them badly. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and Watssap, because all of you I still can communicate with my interns until now. I have some chit chat with Jasmeet more than others since she often does online on Watssap. Although we don’t meet each other, but we still can talk some joking.  This international friendship really leave footprints for us. The most important, I can have some helps from them to check my English essays. Thanks to mbak Titan too (MIT student from Indonesia) who always tries to help checking my essays in her busy time. Thanks all, and now I want to have many friends from all the world.
Next my blog topic => Noor Titan, From Cimahi to MIT     

Here are our photos 
Amazing Race with Jasmeet

Last meeting with Shakshi

Learning Activity with the OC and interns

Shakshi and Me

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