Google brought me to this amazing blog (click here). It is not a common blog, it looks like a diary. Some success people used their diary to prove that all their ambitions are painted on it. I believed that. Mbak Titan are from Cimahi, West Java. She used her blog to tell her activities and desire, including to study in the best university, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In my free time, I like browsing something related to the education. Here we go, I found this blog. I read all the contents. She began blogging in 2008. I always remember one of her posting entitled “Ngidam Kuliah di MIT”. She wrote it when she was in SMA. And tadaaaa, what had she written in her blog came true. Having studied and graduated from UWC (University of World College), then got into MIT and got the full scholarship. WOW, it was so much cool. Now she is pursuing Mechanical Engineering major. I like “kepo-ing” her twitter, and almost everyday I wait for the new posting. She posted about the class she took in MIT, motivation, tips and tricks, and many more. I always wait her to write about MIT class such as the future of disposable cup, robotic class, and many more. You can browse by yourself. She is not just smart, but she is really nice and helpful. She always replies my mail in clear-cut and short. More over, in her busy time as the student of the best university, she always helps me to check my essays. I know that my essays are completely messing and random but she always motivates and revises it. I got so many corrections only in grammar, excluding the topic and essence. However, I am happy and I will try my best. One more thing, well done for Mbak Titan that she became a professor assistant (asdos) and will exchange to Cambridge University, England. Indonesia must be proud of having the citizen like you are. Go to her blog now :D

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