"What happiness is to be with people who are all happy, to press hands, press cheeks, smile into eyes" - Katherine Mansfield

Hold My Hand
Sometimes I want to blame myself for being a sensitive person. Yes, I am. Like today when I accidentally watched a program that contains of a family who lived separately due to the Economic crisis. When a father missed his kids badly but they couldn’t even meet because their kids had to work hard. Yeah, if you know me you’ll know that I probably was in tears. And yes. Don’t ever talk about parent that is my weakness like there is something in my deepest heart that I couldn’t confess.

I remembered that day when I had to interview someone, I got called by my brother. He was about to speak but I interrupted him.

“Sorry Bro, Im busy. Call me later.”

A minute later, he sent me a shocking message. “Just do whatever you want. Mom is hospitalizing now.”

I was shocked, and suddenly I cried. Why was I being so rude? I couldn’t think anything but my mom’s condition. I begged my Dad that he would let me go home because I was worried about my mom. But he refused me. I think enough for me to tell this story.
I don’t know why I love to see people hold their parents’ hands. I think that was the most beautiful things. When we, as kids, were child our parents wouldn’t even to unreleased our hands even for a minute. Now when we grew bigger, we have done the same. I remembered when SM said to his mom, “Mom now you can lean on me.” That was my biggest wish.
However, our parents didn’t need money back nor stuff and those kinds but our existence. Just call them and say that you love them so much that would be fine I think. I wish I could hold my parents’ hands until forever. It is a simple thing but not all people can do it. Believe me. Holding their hands is a proven how much we love them. And sometimes we are too busy with some works and missed to mention our parents’ in our praying. I hope this was just my opinion. Remember, time never got you back, when it passed and it did. Time is a one-way direction, you can’t get it back nor complain nor used the best machine to let you explore your regretting time in the past. Yes, when it passed it means let it pass. No other choice. 

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