Hello pals, how is it going? Hell good, yeah? By the way, it has been such a long time since I wrote my last post. Ahhh we will have finals, right? I hope you are all doing great. Don’t forget to study cause you know why?

 “Those who have not tasted the bitterness of learning even a moment, she/he will feel the vile stupidity throughout his/her life.” – Imam Syafii

I was happy and tired at the same time. For the sake of God, I could finally catch up one of my resolutions which is getting smartphone. As you know, I didn’t use any kind of smartphone one because I want to challenge myself. A thousands times my mom tried to comfort me to buy smartphone, but I kinda neglect it. Even my bro was like “What the hell is wrong with you? You will be lost any information.” I knew it because I felt it like all of my friends use Line or WA or those kinds apps to communicate with. While, I still use my old phone which is needed a regular balance. Hence, when I sent texts to them I had no reply from them. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
One day I lost a patience because I really lost some important information like “mocking quiz”. I would call my mom but I rethink again. Since January, I have joined many writing competitions to get the prizes but I failed. Gave up? I always remember this quote from Jinu “Giving up is worse than failing so i pressed on till where I am now.”
Some of friends protest to me and recommend me to buy a smartphone. Ida even knew when my mom scolded me to buy a smartphone, but I refuse it. She said, “Are you alright? Why don’t you just accept it, Girl?” I was like, “Hmm...maybe someday”. However I was happy because I really get a new smartphone. No, I didn’t buy it. I got it from writing competition. Yeahhh even tho I sat at 4th Winner in Holland Writing Competition (Those who did not know that many competitions take 4 winners from the competition) but I still get the prizes, which were Samsung Galaxy E7, a certificate of a winner, a cutie doll, a signature novel (Negeri van Oranje), and a book note. I sent texts to my mom, my brother, and my dad that they no need to buy me one because I already had it. They were proud of me. Now I must focus on my another competition to get the prize again because I knew my brother like that prize. Pray for me. I will give it to my brother if I win. I repeat if  win.
Currently, I feel so tired because I have two projects running at the same time, they are Sekolah TOEFL and GRT (Gema Ramadhan Teknik). I had to join the meeting. Even though it is sometimes goes online but I feel tired. Aside two projects I have not finished my final task. What people call this “minggu tenang” or calmly week? It is just a myth to be honest. I didn’t feel that calmly smh. Ok, I think I had no energy remain in my entire body to keep writing. So I end it up to here. Thank you.

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