Hello Guys, how is it going? Hella good, yeah?

Such a long time from the last I posted something here. Now I am on my holiday time. I spent it by helping my mom at home (most of the time), wrote "something", till got meeting with my partners of PBEC Malang and Al-Hadiid. Besides helping my mom, I watched Show Me the Money 4. What was that? It is a South Korean Rap Competition Show by Mnet (Korean channel).

Why was I interested though?

I like rap and rock song, kinda music genre. I dont know how to call it, as you know I like songs that shown rap part also. In Western, it would probably be like Wiz Khalifa, BEP, Eminem, Warrent G, and Coolio. Hm.... dont ask me why. If only there is a rock competition, I would spazz over it. I like A7x, Led Zeppelin, and Metaliza. Hihihi

I started to watch SMTM4 (I didnt watch the previous seasons because I didnt know). Based on analyzing, the contestants now are much better than the last season since there were famous underground rappers such as Andup, Black Nut, Jamezz, Basick and many more. While there was a veteran rapper like P-Type (CL's rap mentor). And of course the idols, aka Song Mino (Winner), Ravi (VIXX), Vernon (Seventeen), and Joo Heon (Monsta X). The line up for the judges and producers:

AOMG: Jay park, Loco
Zipal team: Zico (Block B's leader aka idol), Paloalto
YG team: Tablo, Jinusean
BNM: San E, Verbal Jint (I hate them cuz Mnet is biased af to them)
Guest judge: Snoop Dog (Eps 3, cypher mission)

There were many mess since the beginning, lol. From the producers, we knew some of them didnt deserve yet to be the producers (producers last seasons are much much better). Idols are obviously being the targets in each contestants rap lyric. This season was like "After all the Winner is Song Minho" based on Black Nut rap, lol. I dont like him cuz he gained fame by Mino and even knetz hate Mino because of him. Im not being biased, not really. I watched eps 7 and I was like "what is this?" Too many dramas, from Hanhae to "dog" performance by BN. At first, BN got eliminaed so the line up for diss stage was Mino vs HanHae, Jamezz vs Basick, Andup vs Microdot. But it turned into Mino vs BN that made Mino had to change his lyrics two days before the battle. Sooooo unfair.

I was not surprised since Zipal team got the mess from BNM. To be honest, the beat and performance, BNM killed it. However, from the lyrics, Zipal was better. Really, this team "dissed" in classic way not like BNM who bashed faces, an bla bla bla. Sorry, it was not my style. Mino's lyrics were the best, "I give you money, go buy breads let San E do it." Simple but soooo on point (he dissed the judges instead of the contestants. So smart. hahaha, San E the Money and Has Been Jint)

August 21st was the final. I got goosebumps, I want Mino compete with Basick on final but here we have BN remain. Actually, BN is not that bad, I mean he is really good but the way he gained attention by mentioning Mino is not cool though. His performance on semifinal without mentioning Mino is good. I dont know why he covered his skill by mentioning others. So complicated. PASS

I got goosebumps because I could not predict, who would go to final between Mino or BN. Both of them are good. And Basick went to final easily, his rap is no joke. I had the feeling that Mino lost and BN won, and it did. I was so disappointed. But but but, like you know Mnet, drama everywhere. In fact, there were two voting system. 1st before performance (what kind of voting is that?) and 2nd after the performance. Mino lost in 1st voting but won in 2nd voting. The difference ws 400.000 KW. Ughhhh I was happy. Truthfuly, Mino x Taeyang collab was the best. Mino rap and Taeyang's voice blended really well and the lyrics were simple, yet so touching. Here is the lyric:

Cant wait for live broadcast final in August, 28th. Whoever wins, Im okay because both of them deserve and good. Good luck for Mino and Basick ;))))

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