God Loves You More 😊


I was shocked right after I logged in Twitter. I saw this hashtag #RIPKassie. What was happening though? I really could not believe with what I saw until I asked someone who was close to her that she really passed away. Kassie, a young writer, smart and pretty girl who loves and found strength in Yoon had to leave too early. We might not so close but she was the first IC I followed and I kinda adored her since she has nice and kind personality. When she posted her pic, I was like "She is sooo pretty. Yoon must check her out." She inspired to write and always has positive thinking. Thank you Kass for your existence and kindness. I hope you are happy in heaven. Your friends and family must endure this condolence but believe me you are so nice that God wants to see and meet you :)

"Life is hard but also a blessing. The fact that you are alive, that you are around is a blessing" Kass

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