Lately, I found myself looking like a pathetic potatoe. I thought I was done with all those bullshits but nope. I had to drive it all over again /sigh. “Life is never plat” Used to hear these kind of words but yes it is right. When you put your hope high but the fate is working otherwise, what will you do? (please excuse my tragic grammar ;)
a.       Keep running
b.      Thinking that it might not be yours
One day, I asked my senior about kinda stupid question but I was so curious (note that it might not seem important to anyone but for me it was) so yeah.
“If we have been all through but our wish still has not reached our hand yet, what does it mean? Is it a sign that our wish never come true or God still wants to see us struggling more?”
“We never knew how the fate works. So yeah it is about time. Just keep it up with something you are craving for.”
“Can I get the exact answer? It is still confusing, though.”
“Because time is relative, not absolute.”
“Why all of a sudden talking about time in terms of science?”
“Because it is.”
Yes, I stopped asking because I was in confusion. 
This morning I saw Ghe (my friend) was ranting in Twitter how her study life was fucked up. Her experiment for 2,5 years failed. I can not even imagine that. She put her whole effort but it turns out be wasted, I feel sorry for Ghe /Fighting Ghe. Fyi, Ghe is my favorite Graphic Designer. She inspired me so yeah I started designing now /hug her tighhtt.
The more I feel so down, the more I encounter people who are more unfortunate than me. Hm... maybe Im whining so much and ungrateful. Failure is not the end but I am pretty sure you have the same feeling regarding your parents. They worked really hard for your life but you can not even satisfy yourself, so how about making your parents happy? There is this feeling when you hurt, not because you fail, but morelike you kill the time with nothing (not counting the time you waste for your parents, togetherness). That is exactly what I feel. Arghhh when will I become a good kid, though?
What I feel is just a perspective of matter, so yeah it sounds exaggerating does not it? C’mon I am still 21 years old. But I think this age is aging so fast, that is why I am scared of something. Remember what Professor Brands said in Interstellar?
“I am an scientist. I am not scared of dying, but time is.” Toldddd yaaaa, I feel you Professor Brand.
So yeah, I hope I use my time wisely. And I am still waiting for my time and my turn to take all over what I have been craving for. YES IT IS ABOUT TIME IS RIGHT. TIME WILL TELL YOU WHAT YOU DESERVE BASED ON YOUR LUCK, DESTINY, AND STRUGGLE. THERE IS NO CONSTANT SUCCESS (Note that success is not about money or whatever, it depends on personal wish)..... IT IS ABOUT TIME.... WAIT UNTIL YOU TIME IS COMING.....SOON...  *Writing while listening to Fear. So relevant ;(((((


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