Probably some of you have heard about this phrase. Yes, it is so common. Now I am learning about new things. Morelike looking at the others side of some stuffs like if you guess “A” is bad, it’s not really like that. Just look at the others side, I am sure what you look at glance do not really a matter. For your information, I like watching korean hip hop competition as called Show Me the Money or Manchester United match. Lol. Since Ferguson (United’s ex manager) was retired, I was bored with United. Really, I did not have any interest to them anymore. I dropped them and found new thing, it was called kpop. Kpop is so different and addicting. I just enjoyed the songs in the first place. I was kinda fan of Big Bang and Winner. They composed their own songs and so well-listened eventhough both have different genre and soul. Big Bang is more hip hop while Winner is R n B.
Maybe you would think “Eww you like kpop. So ewww”. It was my first thought, so I would not surprise if you think the same. The more I fell into them, I found so many things. I made amazing new friends. We talked so much, shared, even met. Now I think I am not so much into kpop anymore, but morelike enjoying with new friends. I just listened their songs, that was all. If you think kpop fans are pathetic, hm I can not disagree. It depends on what groups you stanned. I am so happy with group I like now since their fans are so mature and smart. If you think kpop fans are only about voting and streaming. Nah, you are in fault. My friends here all are so kind and smart. We often talk non kpop-related, from politics, education, until business. Why I called them smart? Most of them won many awards and got scholarships. Wow, maybe I am the only one that feels so dumb and clueless. Lol.
Days ago, I met with Ghe. We are in the same fandom. She just graduated from Institute Teknologi Bandung (one of the best university in Indonesia). She is pretty, talktive, nice, and smart. I am envy of her kind, I mean really she is super nice. We felt awkward at first, but then we got along. Thanks I found her. She inspired to learn designing. Her designs are ++++. We talked many stuffs, from music to thesis. From such this experience, I learnt new things that what we are looking at, sometimes it doesn’t really explain all. I mean, when you hear about kpop, not like all about oppars. Try to look at another side, new friend, new knowledge, improve English, and many many more. Do not bash nor judge quickly, learn to respect. Now I am enjoying with new friends, not oppars. I am just trying to be nice and treasure what I have now ;)

Ghe, Ida, and Me

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