Hello Guys, how are you? Finally I am back to post ;) Hehe, anyway I am about to review SMTM5. It’s kinda late tho I am sorry since I was hella busy for the past weeks. Before I start to tell how the audition was going, let me show you the producer teams at first. Here we go:
As usual, there are four producers lines up:
    The first producers : Illionaire label. You can say the winning producer in SMTM3. They are Dok2 and The Quett. The second producers : YG ent label, they are Zion. T and Kush. Hm... I was a little surprised with Zion. T appearance as he aint rapper but a R n B singer. I was like “Lmao what is he doing here?” Never mind. And Kush, he produced many great albums and artists such as Taeyang and 2ne1. The third producers ; AOMG. Oh My God, they are Gray x Simon D as representative. I am so happy. I am their fan. New fan I mean.  The fourth producers are Gill and Mad Clown. Mad Clown? I do not really know about Mad Clown except his habit that was forgetting lyrics while rapping. Gill was ex-same Leesang group member alongside Gary (Running Man’s fan must have known him). 
    The contestants were around 9000 thousands people, wow. It took two days to judge. Oh poor the producers. Anyway, many contestants from SMTM4 came again in this season like Bewhy, Taewoon, One (Jaewon), that Snoop Dog’s guy (who is his name? Seo Chulgoo I think), SuperBee, and others. Last season, the producers automatically eliminated the contestants who forgot their lyrics. However this season, the producers more into looking at the potential contestants. If you watch, many of them messed up with their lyrics but still passed especially those who were being judged by Mad Clown. 
Crazily, some contestant were so rude like bringing up a gun and point out at the producer’s chest. Fake or not, it was so cheap trick. My favorite so far (based on eps 1) was Bewhy. His line “real recognize real” is a legend tbh. If you watch the last season, BeWhy lost to Mikrodot in 1 vs 1 battle. He came again with more strong rapping and I like it. Gun, Mino’s cousin was coming too. Mino came to support him, and of course Mnet would media play it smh. To be honest, I did not like Gun’s rap because he was yelling and screaming but he passed. Sanchez, Mikrodot’s brother, came to join too. He is a vocalist in his group called Phantom but originally, he is a rapper. You know what I like about him is his positive vibe and energy. He was like that dorky type and happy virus. Really, he is so positive person. It went well so far, less dramatic than last season lol. So, I calmly spazzed and not dramatic again. I did not memorize all the passed contestants, only some of them since I ever knew them before. They were Taewon (Zico’s brother), One, beWhy, G2, Myundo, Reddy, Seungyeon, Cjamm, Sanchez, Giant Pink, and many many more. Yall should watch ;)
Round 2 gathered the passed contestants. The rules were here: There were four stages, each stages represented the producers. The contestants would pass if they get at least one “pass” from the producers. Started with Woo Taewon, he did good in this round and get all passes. I was not into his rap, like out of breath. Well, at least he was better that last season. Everyone who passed were actually good. One (rapper name) once again did not do good, like what did you do in YG ent? I really want to watch a better One. Luckily, he passed. Myundo, the first contestant ever to get encore in this round. Every producers shouted “Encore! Encore” Well, not complain tho his rap was unique and the beat would make us dancing along him. Cjamm, as expected, all passes. Gun, I want to watch him but Mnet did not show his performance. Sanchez, hahahahaha he was like hosting in an event. The way he spoke was greasy. He is really social butterfly. He got all the passes too, congrats J I did not expect it tbh. And Bewhy, the monster rookie rappers, he easily get the all passes. As expected ;)
Eps 3 showed the LA Audition. I am sorry I can not say much because I did not watch it fully, just some clips. Firstly, there was Timballand, a popular producer and rapper in America. Oh yeah, Flowsick was beast. His rap were so A++++++++ I like him. Fyi, Flowsick is well-know rapper from global hip hop group called Aziatix. Then Killahgramz’s rap (Is it right spell?) was unique too. And he was so cute, hahah cutey fatty rapper ever joined SMTM (after Loco of course). Junoflow’s rap was good tho and he is good looking. There were two females contestants who passed, they were Miss LA and Temo (?I forgot, let me check it again). Do you know what made surprised was that Superbee joined again. What did he do in America? He joined the LA audition, why not in Korea?  That rich boy. Nine contestants passed. Unfortunately, there were only 5 tickets to Korea. Flowsick, Junoflow, Killahgramz, Superbee got chosen by the producers. One ticket lefts, time to do cypher mission. There was tie between Miss LA and Temo, then there was cypher mission again with beatbox by Timbaland. Temo passed yet she dissappeared, so Miss LA went to Korea instead. To be honest, out of those five rappers, I really love Killahgramz’s rap. His rap was so unique, and the beat he chose was totally my type. Go go Killahgramz. After that, the passed contestants got into the room. They were ranked by the previous round (based on who many passes they got). Hahaha such a discrimination. Anyway, after they were ranked, they should do a cypher mission from the low grades, middle, until top. Some made mistakes, like Reddy, One, Taewon, as usual. This round would be 1 vs 1 battle. The one had to choose, and the others would get chosen. I will review again for Eps 4. Please wait ;)  
Here is a link of some contestants who I like:
Have fun ;) 

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