Hello, it’s me again. Ok, I will straight up the case now. I am going to review eps 4 of SMTM5. It was called “Heaven and Hell” round since it was 1 vs 1 battle, one rapper had to win against another. They were chosen or they might to choose, depends on the SMTM5 crews. The first battle was Reddy vs Mojae, or I can say the high rank (Reddy) vs the low rank (Mojae). If you watch the cyper mission (eps 3), Reddy messed up his lyrics. He tried to fix it but failed. I was dissappointed but he was still good anyway. When they performed, both did well and no one messed up their lyrics. However, Reddy was better, so he passed. The next battle was still between low rank vs high rank. But to be honest, I was so shocked since they were in different level. Yups, Flowsick vs Seung Yeon (Idol from Unique group). Arhhhh I never expected it before but both did very well, either Seungyeon and Flowsick. Their beat and rhyme were good, I enjoyed their performance. Anyway Flowsick passed, but Seungyeon did very very good too. I hope someday he will get a time to shine with Unique ;) 
The next was Myundo vs Taewon (Zico’s brother). Hm.... Myundo was good but he was a little arrogant and overhyped (in this case). I really hope Taewon won over him. Yep, he rapped really good and confidently, plus Myundo messed up his lyrics. Sorry to say this but the producers were too biased toward Myundo. He messed up, Taewon slayed this performance, why the hell there was another battle. Why did not they pass Taewon instead of making stupid round again? I was so so dissapointed in the all the producres. Poor Taewon. But then, Taewon started to screw up. I did not what happened with him in the revival stage, his weird gestured appeared again. He walked through the side of the stage, not in front of the stage. I really had no idea what happened to Taweon. He did good before but was like dying in the revival. Ok, I was mad while wathing it. So whatever.... And yeah Myundo passed. Thanks to all those biased producers. Yall sucked. The next was Superbee and Lilla Marz. I thought Lilla Marz had that kind of revenge to Superbee, or I called it like jealousy? Hm.... Molla. Lilla wanted to smack Superbee so bad yet he was too good eventhough he messed up a bit. Superbee passed.
The next was Sanchez and Evo. He wore a white hairband, I cried. He gave positive vibe that is why I like him so bad. Both did good, they were like collaboration than a battle. Seriously, they were good but Sanchez did better. So, congrats for him. The next was Sang Soo vs Killahgramz. Hm.... Sang Soo was nervous since Killah started to rap (before the stage), and he has that unique flow rap style that made me addicting to his rap. They chose beat from Kush and the beat was hard, I think. I did not have any idea why Sang Soo chose it. Unfortunately, he messed up his lyrics. In the other hands, Killah showed a powerful rap. So yeah, Killah passed. This beat was sooo Killahramz.
The next was One vs Lee Gyunhwan. One messed up again. Sigh, I was so so disappointed. He went so far by luck, I think. Their performance were worse than the previous. The verse was mixed up, One forgot his lyrics and tried to fix it by doing rap again as soon as his part stopped while it should be Lee Gyunhwan part insetad. Sigh again. Good think, Lee Gyunhwan is amateur rapper that he was eliminated. One, please show me more. The next was Seo Culgoo vs J’kyun. Both messed up heir lyrics. So, I was okay with everyone who would pass. Seo Culgoo passed but he seemed so desperate. Maybe it was due to the their relationship which was closer than everyone expected? Ok, the next was Gun vs Seunghwan. Gun was just screaming and yelling, I did not like it all while Seunghwan messes up with lyrics. I did not expect anything from them. The next was Junoflow vs Hash Swan. Wahhhhh I really like this stage, both did really really really good. To be honest, I prefer Juno to Hash Swan but the producers said otherwise ;( Juno was eliminated I was sad. That stage was my fav so far. And the next was G2 and Snacky Chan. The producers praised G2, but I did not like the way he raps to be honest. I did not know why ;( Snacky chan was fucked up, hence G2 passed. This eps ended like this, there were still some contestants who had not performed. Mnet did dirty mediaplay as if Cjamm and Bewhy would face each other which was impossible since the both are the strong candidate for the winner. Anyway, I have watched Eps 5 but I am too lazy to keep review. So, I will review next time. So far, my faves are Bewhy, Cjamm, Flowsick, and Killahgramz.

Here is links to performances I like:
Junoflow vs Hash Swan
Flowsick vs Seungyeon

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