I want to live without thinking of death, wealth, anxiety, injustice, hunger, future, and a bad fate. I want to live in peace without worrying about something, a real peace in which I only think about what supper I will cook for my parents. That’s it.

I want to get up in a bright smile and no worries, reading online news with no information about violence, ISIS, Do[ugh]nut Trumpet, oppressive regime, and war.

I want to live when men start doing justice for women and stop lying. I want to live when men having a loyalty to their soul mates without looking for another woman to cheat with or in secret marrying without telling. Honestly, for those typical of men please repent. Woman is not someone whom you can satisfy with or lusting over then you get bored and find another woman. Woman is not someone whom you can be easily judged by the physical appearance, and got dumped just because she is not pretty.

I want to live when people are forgivable. Just because there is a person whom you do not like (or do not belong to your race or religion) is making a mistake, does not mean you can bash her/him for the rest of your life for the sake of your own good. Stop bullying.

I want to live when people stop being greedy so there will not be an oppressive regime (side eyeing Bassar Al-Assad). I want to live when there is no war like one of the movie quotes said “War makes no winner, only widows” by the Arrival which is true. Who is happy with the war? No one is even for whom has the authority.

I want to live with children smiling and only thinking about the school homework.  I do not want to live by watching innocent children suffering, being orphan, haunted by the fear of getting murdered, working in the early age, or seeing their parents got killed in front of their eyes.

To be honest, I am tired of human. Human acts so inhumane to the point I thought of them are switching soul with satan. The Angel was right that human is continuously destroying the Earth. Are you happy now, human?

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