I am sorry I dont make review for eps 8 because I did not watch it yet. And I know that episode is sooooo biased to BNM team. Just imagine, Basick forgot lyrics yet still won.  Mess, mess, mess. Didn’t the producers ever said that they would eliminate contestants who forgot lyrics (like they did to P-Type)? Urghhhh.... Such a mess. Poor P-Type. I really waited the spoilers because I couldn’t wait to know who contestant that passed and went to final. One thing I was really sure that Basick would went to final. No spoilers yet, I was worried because fansites only said to prepare tissues because Mino did the emotional performance. Emotional performance? What was that mean? Eliminated? No? Yes? Had no idea.
Ok, I only did twet live streaming, I waited my friends to update me. First, Inno performed but where was Jimin though? This mission was collaborating with people under their company: Mino x Taeyang, Basick x Mamamoo, Black Nut x Jessie, and Innovator x Jimin. I could not watch Jimin. However, it was sooooo unfair for Inno. Mnet didn’t show his background story while others had their background time. Inno performance did not really impress me though, but I still like him. At least he was not cheaters like / cough @BNM. While Basick performance was dope with Mamamoo. Mamamoo vocals were no joke. I like their performance (Solar is pretty ;)) Lol. Of course Basick won, not only because he was good but his popularity was no joke. He is so popular now. Like wow. However I was disappointed because the song was recycled, not new. But I didnt blame Basick because the producers didnt even make his songs, it was made by his company. As expected of San E the Money and Has Been Jint. Their job is creating drama. 
Here we had Mino, really, I worried. I hope Mino made lyrics about his experience with deep meaning. I was tired of hip hop lyrics that always said “I am the best and bla bla bla”. My wish was being true though. Mino REALLY made lyrics about his life. And it was soooooo emotional, especially when he hugged his dad with teary-eyes. The song, the beat, the lyrics slayed everything. I LOVE IT, REALLY especially when he mentioned Winner. I was touched. When the song was released, it charted really high and got all kill. Wow. I was not even surprising because the song is so so so good.
Then Black Nut performed, I did not like him because he gained fame by Mino’s name and always dissed Mino, and his lyrics were so meeeeh for me. But he proved me wrong, his performance was totally good. His rap was more powerful than Mino, I think. Argggghhh I was dilemma, Mino and BN both were good. But I still want Mino to win because his performance during round 1 till now were amazing (especially round 2 and Turtleship stage). While BN hid his skills by mentioning Mino, why? He was great but the his way to gain popularity was wrong.
I shocked when BN won. I think he really won, I mean went to final round against Basick but the voting system has two rounds. 1st before the performance (What kind of voting is that? How people judges before contestants performed? Mnet are you kidding me or what?). Surprisingly, Mino won the 2nd round that lead him to final. Yasssssss, Basick vs Mino on final. Both are good, I am okay either Mino or Basick win. But in my deepest heart, I want Mio win. I want people acknowledged his skills, especially YG. I reommended you all to watch this episode and download Fear’s Song Mino feat Taeyang.

Anyway, Good luck. Mino and Basick, fighting ;)))))

This is Fear stage by Mino x Taeyang 

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