Mess, mess, mess. I am sorry though. This episode should be “fun” dissing battle between two team, Zipal team vs Brand New Team. However, it turned into disaster for Zipal team because they decided to bring Black Nut back, and eliminated Han Hae instead. To be honest, I was mad because Han Hae is good though, and I hope people recognize him. Poor him, he is good rapper and Zico & Mino’s best fiend. This decision made Mino had to change his lyrics, two days before the D-day. Just imagine, was not it fair? Mino said himself he needs at least a day to make complete lyrics though it was only 16 lines. And to memorize lyrics were not that easy, Man. Mino could have forgotten his lyrics but nahhh he did it perfectly.
As you know, SMTM gave many advantages to BNM team. BNM team said theirself, “Though we make mistake, we still win anyway.” What the hell out was happening? They could predict the result already, look scripted I think. D-day was coming. I could not look at BNM’s faces because urghhh I was so disappointed. As you know BNM was the solid team among others, they had Microdot, Black Nut, Basick, and Hanhae who were best contestats in this season. They were good, but mess. As predictied, because the producers were San E and Verbal Jint. No comments though. Knetz called the San E the Money, Has Been Jint. As you know if knetz called someone with not their stage/original name it means they did not like them.
Finally, the dissing stage was coming. Zipal team, we running this rap shit. Microdot was good but this battle, Andup slayed from lyrics to rap. His experience in dissing shows. He’s smart. All those double meanings of his lyrics makes me confused. While Microdot using his body to intimidate. Not my style. Basick and Jamezz were both good in rapping but none were agressive enough for diss battle. They went in with lyrics but delivery are both weak. While Black Nut forgot his lyrics again. He has been forgetting lyrics since round 1. He used all his energy for writing lyrics to the bullshit he did when it was Mino’s turn rapping. So disappointing. While Mino did well even Tablo said “Mino killed it yo”. He is so genius, he dissed Mnet and the judges instead of the contestants. Lol. I loved it when he said “I’ll give you money. Buy some breads. Tell san E to do it.” DOUBLE, TRIPLE BURN. Once again why I support Mino is his mentality and patience. Two thumbs up, I totally like it. Black Nut was humping on Mino’s legs. For having the patience to not step on BN’s face or kick him he already won for that alone. Sigh. I have never seen a rap battle where one is lying on the ground with eyes closed while the other is rapping. This is not hip-hop. This is just having no manners. How did they even win? Dirtiest ever.   
Then next mission was featuring with producers. The producers had to pick one of the contestants from their team. Of course Jay park chose Lil Boi. He was soooo biased af, poor Geegoin. However I disappointed. Lil Boi was good but he lost his “self” cuz he fall to the AOMG style, it was not his style and not himself. Zipal team killed it!!!!! But the song was nahh, it was rap rock. No no, sounds so weird. But it is still better than AOMG stage. I was proud Zico, Zico defended Mino with teary-eyed. Mino has strong mentality but it is still nice to see his brother has his back in this jungle he entered.


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