Short Spoiler of SMTM4 finale


Hello Guys? How are you? Hella good? Sorry I will not make a review from SMTM4 finale because I didn't watch it, I just read from fan accounts. What I heard might be wrong but I was sure it was true because some of my friend attended the finale stage. Hm.... I had the bad feeling toward the finale, especially in case of Mino. From the previous stage, I knew there were Mino's haters so I was 100% sure Mino would lose and I was right. 

My friends said that the crowd was dead when Mino tried to hype it up. And even some of the audiences booed at Mino. What was happening, though? I mean the finale was like Mino vs Minos haters, not Mino vs Basick. Do not get mistaken, I did not hate Basik but I felt there was something wrong behind the doors. Basick won in finale but Mino's songs were highly charted. The songs spoke, so? Furthermore, YG producers, Big Tone and Airpay, posted something weird. They cursed Mnet, what the actual happened? I think it was because how Mnet treated Mino. So unfair. Mess mess. But Congrats Basick, you deserved it because of your rapp skill not because of you are a father. 

During this, I got many friends. I was happy because we could share something, especially regarding writing skills. I have some friends who are writers, so I often ask them. They are really nice and they shared some tips. To be honest, I was envy of them who are being successfully writer in young age while me here, still got confused how to write in a good way. They can be a writer in young age, I want it too but I need to improve my skills and not giving up. Neph, Metta, Shah, Jnai, Emie, and Kassie thanks for your story. 

Anyway, I am addicted to Zipal Team's songs (Excuse YG who claimed Mino's songs are YG's while the truth is Zico's). They are Turtleship (Jamezz, One, Mino, Andup), Fear (Mino feat Taeyang), and Victim (Mino feat Palo Alto and B-Free). From all the songs, Fear is my faves. Hope Taeyang and Mino wold perform it in MAMA (If YG let them okay?).

I could say that SMTM4 is very messy like too many dramas and evil editing. Yunika said the previous season were much better, I mean not dramas. However, from the rappers and songs, SMTM4 are much better but the producers were mehhh (excluding Zipal team because the songs are really good). 

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