Now I am about to review eps 5 of SMTM5. 1 vs 1 battle was not over yet, there were many contestants left. Eps 5 started with female rappers, Miss LA from LA vs Shim Hyeji. Hm..... both were bad, Miss LA passed (I questioned Dok2 for that such a overwhelming praise to her like I do not get it, which part of her rap that made him to fall over). Anyway, move on to the net contestants, Donutman vs Brey. I was not so impressed with the both, however Donutman passed. The next was Kim Hyoeun vs (I do not know his name). Kim Hyoeun was much much better, the other Guy was just so bad. He was like that typical idol rapper. Hyoeun passed. Just how many times I hate Mnet mediaplay, they acted as if Bewhy vs Cjamm would against each other. Urghhhhhh. The fact that Bewhy chose Jdub, not Cjamm tho. Of course, he would not, they should meet in final. Ok, let me say this for one. I can not read Korean, so I do not know who composed 111% beat. I really like this beat. Bewhy chose this beat I was so happy. Jdub and Bewhy did really really good, I like it. But Bewhy was just like another level, I smiled when he rap. I was enjoying his rap. Last season, Mino outshined everyone so I did not pay attention at others contestants, now I can watch their true talents regardless of Idol joining this show. So, I am happy. Of course, Bewhy passed. Next was Cjamm vs Bae Minhyuk. Arghhh Cjamm was so so good. I swear he came here just for playing, he really was enjoying his own rap. I think it was realy good since it erased his nervourness. But he is experienced rapper tho, so I am not surprised. Cjamm passed.
Ok, the war began. SMTM was not about who is the best rapper in term of rapping but also how to choose the right producers. I repeat, SMTM aint about rapper vs rapper but also producer vs producer. Your rap is good but you made mistake in choosing producers, you’re out. It reminds me of Lil Boi when he chose AOMG (Loco and Jay park). His rap DID NOT suit AOMG music style AT ALL, so was eliminated earlier. It was time for producers to perform. This performance would determine how many votes that the producers get in choosing the rappers. The more they get, the more they have chances to vote their fav rappers. The first performances was Illionaire team. Yeokshii, as expected of Illionaire, it was simple yet strong and really fun. They hyped up the viewers. I was so hyped when they performed YGGR and the peak when Dok2 splashed the water, argh it was like a concert to me. Illionaire was indeed good performers. The next was AOMG teams. Hm..... I really like Gray’s music but his live performance did not appeal to me at all, I am sorry. But Simon Dominic tho, his rap was beast. And yeokshi, Simon D O M I N I C Oh Oh was performed. That song was so iconic and addicting. The next was YG team..... Hm... I like it but not really. Anyway Machine Gun is good. But Knock it by Zion T thooo, I love it. You know Zion T has his own style, no one can do that. So Zion T, I really like him. In another side, Kush finally performed after years of hiatus. He was so awkward, it was ok. “Du du du” was iconic. YG team brougt Mino alongside. His fast rapping, I did not like it. Mino did not suit that kind of rap style. The last was Gill and Mad Clown. Wow, It was good. This was the first time I heard Mad Clown’s rap, and I like it. Arghh I really like this performance. I miss Leesang ;( . Anyway, this is my opinion. The best performance: Mad Clown and Gil, Illionaire, YG, and AOMG.
The results were: 1. YG 2. Mad Clown and Gil 3. Illionaire 4. AOMG. Hahahahahaha, I was like bittersweet, I really like AOMG but I can not deny that their performance was bad (compared to the others producer). Ssamd was bitter and salty, I LOLed so hard. Ok, I will tell the rule. So the rule is producers have votes, they voted the rappers they want to join with their team. The votes they got from performance would determine how many vote the producers can choose the rapper. If producer A voted rapper B and rapper B also voted producer A, they matched and became one team. Otherwise, if it’s either producers or rappers who did not chose one of them, they did not match. Started with Cjamm, he chose YG and YG also chose him. They matched. Then Flowsick, he chose illionaire and illionaire chose him so they also matched. Seo Chulgoo did not macth, he chose YG but YG did not. Poor Sanchez, he chose illionaire but they did not. Hash Swan chose YG but YG did not. But AOMG chose him. Hahahahah, poor AOMG. Dok2 laughed at them made my day. I LOLed. G2 chose AOMG and AOMG also chose him. Yessssssss. Ssamd and Gray are like children tho, they were funny and cute. Kim Hyoeun and Superbee chose illionaire and they chose them back. Jaewonnnn, he chose AOMG but AOMG did not chose him. I was sad. Reddy and Killahgramz chose YG and YG chose them back. Myundo chose illionaire and illionaire chose them back. The final lines up of producers and rappers will be shown in eps 6. Here is the sum up:
1.      Illionaire: Flowsick, Superbee, Kim Hyoeun, Myundo
2.      AOMG: G2
3.      Mad Clown: _

4.      YG: Killahgramz, Cjamm, Reddy

Here links from Producer performances:

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