Two days ago, I had a beef with an anti-Islam girl or Islamophobia. I scrolled up and down my timeline on Twitter, then I found a disgusting tweet. She was shit talking about Islam because she thought Islam treats woman like a shit. To be honest, I was not surprised. She, probably, was the victim of the trash western media that forever blaming Islam for the disaster in this world. I am not a type of person who like being involved in virtual war but really since she talked trash about my religion, I could not stand. I was trying to be nice to educate her in the first place, I was even using nice words since she was ignorant. I could not blame wholly at her. With some nice words and explanation, she still denied and always found excuses that somehow, I could not answer properly. But really, she came too far. She totally disagreed regarding Muslim women wearing veil or hijab. I explained to her that it was for women’s safety but she asked me back, “why don’t men have to wear veils to protect their appearance?” I was like “what? If both wearing veils, are we able to notice which are men or woman?” then she started to act coolly and gave me endless questions. Guess what? When I thought she was gonna repent, I was wrong. Her friend came at me, put the fuel to the fire. Sigh. Her friend started to accuse my prophet, Muhammad PBUH by saying he “fucked up” 9 years old girl (he referred to Aisha). I was mad, how came he say something like that? To be honest, at first I did not know the answer as well regarding this marriage controversy between Muhammad PBUH and Aisha. Good that I did remember a video about this. I even looked for the receipt that 9 years old was considered as “mature”. Probably, some of us also thought the same like “Why did Muhammad PBUH marry to the child?” You really can not simply be ignorant about this, that is why we need to read Sheerah (Muhammad PBUH biography). If you do not, believe me you would start to think the same. The worst scenario, you would agree on them and slowly started to question your own religion. You have to understand, that maturity is not absolute. It was depends on time and place. We can not simply generalize that maturity starts at age of 15 years. No. Now we live in modern era, we have laptop, car, iphone while in Muhammad PBUH era, they live in dessert and everything was manual. I will give you a proof in the end or you can watch this amazing video. Click here!
I can not say much though, I mean, I will upload the screenshot between me and those ignorant. I did my best, but they still denied. I sum up that they are totally hypocrite. I gave them receipt, then they blocked me. Lol. Since I was blocked, I can not give the full convo. By my post, I want to give an advice to all Muslim. If you know people out there are talking bad about Islam, do not be silent. Speak up and speak up. Educate them by explaining properly and nicely. Do not be afraid to say the truth. Be proud of Islam. Ali bin Abi Thalid once said “Kezaliman akan terus ada bukan karena banyaknya orang-orang jahat tetapi karena diamnya orang-orng baik (The Injustice will continue to exist not because of the evil people but because of the silence of the good people). SPEAK UP AND DEFEND YOUR RELIGION!

I was trying to explain nicely

Her friend attacked me (The last is my friend)

Typical question they ask

I was still nice though

I cant stop laughing reading this
READ THIS in case some of us question about the age controversy
The one still denied (hypocrisy at its finest)

I was blocked 
My Tips if you battle with the ignorance:
a. Be nice, explain properly with nice words. Do not be rude
b. Give the receipt
c. Still deny? Stop because it means they are hypocrite and shame to face the truth.

Some of my friends asked me like, "Why we have to educate those ignorant/hypocrite people? Why just let them speak whatever they want?" then I answered "And why did Muhammad PBUH have to share Islam and not let the Jews believe their belief?" Speaking the truth (Islam) is the main foundation of Islam. Our task is enlightening them who are ignorant. Muhammad PBUH did not sacrifice his whole life for having such narrow-minded people who only do five times shalat. Our worhip is not only doing shalat, but also dakwah (what is dakwah in English? Enlighten?) Regardless they keep on being ignorant nor hypocrite, the most important is we are doing something. Silence is good but not in the all situation. We have to start defend our religion. Many of us are able to defend certain people but not our religion. A real Muslim can not relate. Educate the ignorance is not easy but at least, try it on. I am not good a good debater but I tried what I thought is right aka defending Islam. There are tonnes of Muslim out there but only a few who were be able to speak up. Stand for our religion, Islam 😊 Eh one thing again that defend our religion is all Muslim's tasks, not only Ulama nor Kyai. 

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