Yooo this is my fav round of SMTM, it was called “Diss Battle”. Tbh this battle is about rappers’ mentality, how they must come up with others diss. It aint easy to keep look cool. The main purposes of this battle are how strong your lyrics are and the way rappers delivery the lyrics well. AOMG chose YG for this battle. If I can this, hm.... it would be so hard for them to beat YG. They (YG team) were so strong, especilly they had Chulgu (He was famous of this ability). It was automatically for both teams, Illionaire and MadGill (Mad Clown + Gill) to against each other. After having a short discussion among team members, it’s time to reveal 1 vs 1 pair up battle. Firstly, Bewhy chose Cjamm (Is it too early for the final?). Tbh, diss battle would be easy if you know the opponents really well since you know all about him/her. Then Chulgu chose One (Is he serious? One never did diss battle while Chulgu is expert in this field). He wanted to win so bad. Then the hi-lite mates, G2 and Reddy. Yupsss, I cant wait. In Illioonaire team, Boi B chose Myundo, Superbee chose Gun, and Flowsik vs Donutman. 100% Im sure illionaire would dominate this battle.
Ok, I will straight up to the battle. Before Flowsik actually started rapping, he threw up many donuts to the audiences (He refers to Donutman). I think, it is good intro to start the actual battle. I am speechless, Flowisk is just so so good at rapping but I did not see the sharp point of his lyrics. It’s Donutman’s time. Ehhh the point of his lyrics are “sick” refers to “Flowsi(c)k” and about age I think. His rap is not strong at all, the beat is meh. The contrary is Flowsik straight up to Donutman’s face while Donutman tried to avoid him, kinda scared? Next is Myundoo vs Boi B. Sorry Myundo, your lyrics are weak and your rap does not suit this battle. I wonder why Dok2 allowed Myundo do this kind of rap. Next is Boi B returns. I am amazed, he killed it everyone. Rap, beat, lyrics were good. But it’s kinda rude since he downgraded Myundoo physical appearance. The next is Superbee vs Gun. Supebee strated with “I called......” it is so old story, he repated all the time. Be creative, it is start to get boring. I do not think did acapella is good since you must really good at remembering lyrics. I do not think Superbee is that good. Let’s see Gun. Argh Gun started it with strong rap and lyrics. He points out at Tablo’s case (Superbee dissed Tablo last season because he got eliminated). Unfortunately, he forgot his lyrics and doesnt continue ;( He coud win but... yeah he lost. In the end, illionaire team wins.
Wooopps the next is YG vs AOMG. Cant wait to see Bewhy vs Cjamm. Top 2 of this season. Chulgu vs One. I am deceased. Chulgu is really really good at this battle. All are on point, beat, strong attack, delivery, everything is perfect. I expect One will return and get revenge but he forgot his lyrics ;( Why there are many contestants forget his lyrics this season ;( Next is G2 vs Reddy, hi lite labelmates. They have many informations because they are in the same label. Started with Reddy, as expected, he goes hard and his lyrics are so harsh. He was revealing informations inside the company. I expect G2 to go hard too but he was dissappointed. He forgot his lyrics ;( How many times G2 forgot his lyrics? The last is Bewhy vs Cjamm. I anticipate it more since both are best friends. Hoho. I think both are good, beat, lyrics, delivery, but Bewhy gt the point of dragging Ayo MV. So I think he wins this. I actually am laughing whenever I repeat this battle. However, as a team, AOMG lost. Only Bewhy is stand out. If only G2 had not forget his lyrics, he would be great rapper. If you watch SMTM4, this season is more chill, diss battle in last season was really harsh, especially BNM team vs Zipal team. Last season, AOMG did really good too not like this season. Believe or not, AOMG will keep survive because of Bewhy, take my word. Overall, I like Chulgu’s diss. He is just born to do this. Two thumbs up.
Next is round performance. The winners of diss battle must against each other, so do the loser. It means MadGill vs AOMG and illionaire vs YG. There are 3 rappers left, the loser teams must choose one rapper to go solo stage and choose between two rappers left to perform together with producer. While all three rappers in winner teams perform, one goes solo stage and others perform together. The worst scenario of the loser teams is it might eliminate the whole team if the rapper go solo and another rapper perform with producers lose. You can see how stress AOMG team because they keep losing and only one rapper stands out. Of course AOMG choose Bewhy to go solo stage, they must choose between One or G2 to peform together. For me, it’s big dilemma because One is average-level rapper but he might be better at memorizing lyrics while G2 is good rapper but he keep forget his lyrics. If you were AOMG, which one would you choose? In rehearsal, G2 even makes mistakes. Sigh. What a waste. Finally, AOMG chose One over G2. I will do the same if I were them. Gray, Simon, and One perform a song called “Comfortable” produced by Gray. This song honestly is so Gray and so calm and easy listening. I like this kind of song. Tbh, they look like boy band members since they have great visual. Lol. They did well, I do not think it’s really good, only “ok” for me and no one mess up lyrics. I am sad seeing G2, he deserves better but I think he got so much pressures ;( In MadGill team, they chose Gun over Donutman. I cant say that Gun is better than Donutman, but the song itsef is full of emotion. You cant just pick good rapper but rapper who can delivery the emotion well, it’s Gun. He is full of emotion. No wonder they chose him. This song is just so meaningful, they lyrics are so sad. Why song family always perform emotional stage? Last season Mino with fear, now is Gun with Fly. He did the exact same with Mino, hugging her mom while last season Mino was hugging his dad. This song famiy makes me sobbing. Both One and Gun perform well, so I am okay with whoever wins. I think the audiences more sympatize toward Gun, that is why he gets more number. One loses, Gun wins. It means if Bewhy lose too, AOMG team will automatically be eliminated. Ok, finish. Wait me for the next eps review. I will attach the links below. Enjoy Fam ;) 
One feat Gray x Simon D ->
Gun feat Mac Clown x Gummy ->


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