It is still performance battle between the winners of diss battle (they against each other) and among the losers teams. Last time, it was One vs Gun and Gun won over him. Now the second performance will go on stage, but before, they show the winner teams, illionaire vs YG battle. Like what I said in the last episode, the winner teams should pick a rapper to go solo stage alongwith producers, while the others two would perform together for collab stage. In illionaire team, Flowsik was chosen to go solo stage, meanwhile Superbee and Myundo go on collab stage. For me, it would be better if Flowsik go on collab stage since the chance of him to go to te next level is higher. Why? Because if the collab stage team lose, the producers can pick one rapper to be eliminated. And 1 I am 100% sure they would not pick Flowsik because he is the best rapper in illionaire team. However, I think Dok2 are more into the performance. Hence he comes for this decision.
In YG team, they pick Chulgu to go solo stage. Of course they would save Cjamm. This is what I mean, you have to save the best rapper until the final. If Cjamm goes solo and he loses to Flowsik, he will be eliminated. I applaud YG for coming this great decision. Both teams are strong, I do not know how it will be turn out. The first time I hear the beat of Beverly Ills (Illionaire song for Superbee feat Myundo), it reminds me of YGGR. The beat especially the hook are similar, right? While The wanted from YG team are typically strong rap. Will Cjamm chill like usual? Let’s see. Ok, let’s jump off to the battle now.
Started with collab stage with illionaire team, they perform Beverly Ills. I like the song. It is so catchy but the both, Superbee and Myundo do not have chemistry at all and awkward like they perform two solo rapper at once. Plus both mess up their lyrics. Hm.... I never expected this kind of collab stage. Hm... I think Myundo starts to get pressure like G2 does. He is worse then the previous. When you watch him at the early eps, he really enjoyed his rap but now it looks like he got so much pressure. Poor him. In the other hands, Reddy feat Cjamm is lit. Both perform so good. They do not look nervous at all, and enjoying the stage. Myundo and Superbee be like “We are over” when Cjamm raps. And Cjamm is being Cjamm like usual, so chill.
Ok, time to solo stage feat producers. Started with Flowsik. You Guys know I really like Bewhy and Flowsik. Of course I hope he wins this but you know being in SMTM is not about good at rapping but how popular are you among the voters. Chulgu got popular recently so I kinda feel worried plus Chulgu would perform with Zion. T. You know SK people really like Zion. T right? It worries me the most. I only want Cjamm, Bewhy, or Flowsik in the final. Note that, that three rappers are the best of this season. Flowsick rap with illionaire with song called “Rapstar”. No words needed, just amazing. His rap is soo good. Plus illionaire joined them so made it sooo perfect. I like it so much. I think I start to like illionaire team. Illionaire x AOMG are my faves. But Dok2 is the best, hahaha. Ok, next is Chulgu. I like calling him Xitsuh more. Don’t be confuse, Xitsuh and Chulgu is the same person. Ok, the song is good, just like typical Zion. T’s songs. I am surprised Ollti feat them. Huhuhuhu. I like this song more. But if I can be honest, Flowsik’s rap >>>>>>>>> Chulgu but Zion. T and Ollti give him good stage. The song, I prefer YG while for rap and performance, I like illionaire more. So, I hope illionaire wins this.
Ok, next is Bewhy vs Boi B. Hm....... Do I need a word to describe Bewhy? Nooo. He is just sooo good. Of coure Bewhy will go on solo stage. He is so popular now so I do not worry at all. I am pretty sure he wins this. Plus the rival is Boi B, I cant say Boi B is not good enough, but compared to Bewhy’s rap and popularity, he is below him (Bewhy). Ok, Bewhy’s performance is just perfect. I mean, the beat is so good, the song is so amazing. His charisma is no joke. He perfectly memorize the lyrics like the lyrics are long enough. Urgh everything is perfect. Do I sound overwhelming? Let me, okay because I like Bewhy since day 1. When he finishs the performance, the audiences start chanting his name “Bewhy, bewhy, bewhy”. You know Guys, Im so happy for Bewhy. He deserves all of this, since in last season, he lost to Mikrodot which made me confuse. I thought he raps better than Mikrodot so I do not get it why producers chose Mikrodot instead of him. And last season, Mino overshadowed everyone so I can not pay attention to Bewhy. Now, I am happy he gets what he deserves ;) Now is Boi B’s turn. This stage is soo fun, the song, the featuring (Boi B feat Rhytm Power). Really, the dance on the reff tho, makes me want to dance also.

The results are ....... dung dung dung. Start with collab stage between illionaire and YG. Illionaire team lose, and they pick Myundo to be eliminated ;( Myundoo, be well ok. I am getting mad cuz Flowsik loses to Xitsuh like? How do your ears work tho? Please listen with your ears opened, you would know how good Flowsik is. I am just speecless how can Xitsuch won over Flowsik? Yeah Xitsuh is so popular recently so I am not suprised he wins. But really, It is not fair. Flowsik deserves BETTER. Stop this, I am emo. Ok, without any doubts Bewhy wins over Boi B. I understand that Bewhy also got popular but he gets it because he is good. But Xitsuh? I do not say he is bad, but compared to Flowsik, urgh/sigh. Listen to yourself. I am just so dissappointed. Ok, I stop here. I really cant accept this fact about Flowsik. See yall in eps 9. 

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