The matching round had not over, there still were plenty of contestants who did not choose yet. This eps started with Bewhy, you know Guys I supported Bewhy since in round 1, right? I really lihe his rap, strong, good flowise, rhyme, and clear pronouncation. While in producers, I like AOMG team. Of course, I wanted a miracle that Bewhy would choose AOMG even the chance was a bit bar since YG team chose Bewhy to be in their team. Plus AOMG did not have enough votes since they only have 2 votes. Arghhhh however seems that my hopes became true. Yesss, Bewhy chose AOMG. I wanted to screammmmm. Yessss Yesssssss yesss. Hhahaha, ignore me. I still cant believe my fav rappers were joining my fav producers.
There were contestants left (they failed at matching with producers before). Those contestants had to stand in front of the producers spot area. If there were more than one contestants, the producers should choose based on the empty seats. Only Illionaire team who fulfilled their lines up rapper already. The remaining rappers who wanted to be in YG teams were Miss LA, Hash Swan, and Seo Chulgoo. YG team picked Chulgoo. AOMG team picked One. Tbh I want to slap Ssamd so hard. Haahha. He made a joke “If you have nice visual, then you can rap, then Simon (refers to his song called “Simon Dominic”)”. Lollll I could not stop laughing. If you Guys do not understand, he refers to himself that he is handsome and great rappers. He added “I am kind of having de Ja vu”. I am done with him. Ok, the next was Gil and Madclown that they chose Sanchez and Donutman. Finally the teams were completed. Illionaire: Flowsik, Superbee, Myundo, & Kim Hyoeon. AOMG: One, Bewhy, G2, & Day Day. Gil and Madclown: Donutman, Gun, Sanchez, Boi B. YG: Reddy, Cjamm, Killahgramz, and Chulgoo/Xitsuh. Wow, illionaire and YG teams were baddass, the amazing rappers were on their teams. But still, I am going to support AOMG. Ok, the next was bonding session. I think I did not have to review this. But from what I saw, ilionaire and YG teams and YG teams were chill (not awkward nor too serious).
As for me, AOMG team this season was more calm than last season. Last season, you can see how they rocked the stage and knew how to have fun. The song “respect” was also really fun. However this season, AOMG killed the chart with this song “Not the person you used to know”. Both Respect and Not the person you used to know are good, I can not pick one. As expected of AOMG. Do I sound overwhelming? Hahaha let me okay. If I can be honest, the contestants of this season are not doing so much like last year. Many of them forgot their lyrics. In AOMG team, 3 out of 4 always forget their lyrics. So, what do you expect? Day Day in the last season was in AOMG too but his performance was so so much better than this season. I think because he felt burden since he got eliminated in this round last season, hence he sholud do better to survive. Ok, as a whole, I like the performance (Thanks to the song, it helps a lot). However, this teams lack of many aspects. First, two rappers messed up their lyrics. Second, they still have the awakwardness on stage. I can not see them have fun on stage but burdensome instead. If you watch last leason, they really knew how to enjoy the stage but I could not see it in this team for this season. I am sorry, I really like AOMG. I want them the best. Hahaha, I reviewed too much about AOMG. Anyway, AOMG eliminated Day Day ;( since he messed up his lyrics. G2 I am watching you, you are monster rookie but can not stop making lyrical mistake.
The next was illionaire team. I anticapated this team especially Flowsik. Compared to AOMG team, this team had better atmosphere. Everyone was hyped except Kim Hyoeon. He was just a cold person and ambitious. When the beat was revealed, I was like “Ah as expected of illionaire, it was full hip hop.” All the rappers did really well, no one messed up lyrics, It could be hard for producers to choose rapper that would be eliminated. From my perspective, I prefer Superbee to be eliminated. However Illionaire chose Kim Hyoeun. Arghhh poor him. And Flowsik tho, he really is an amazing rapper. His deep voice was so so good. He was killing it, really even Mad Clown got goosebump while hearing it. The next team was YG. I also anticipated this team since the rappers were amazing. The music style was so Zion T. From my personal opinion, Killah’s rap did not suit the beat. His rap was so flashy. I could not stop laughing when Cjamm performed. Haahha. Seriously tho, Cjamm was so chill. He came here just to play. Reddy and Cjamm killed it. I was enjoying it too much. Chulgu did it good. Arghhh. YG chose Killah to be eliminated, I was sad since I like him. His rap was super unique. Go check his song. Anyway he did good too, just lack of experience.
The last team was Gil and Mad Cown. Tbh I did not anticipate them since there were no stand out rappers. However they proved me wrong. The beats were good and addicting. The rappers did well except Sanchez. He messed up a bit. Gun was killing it. Anyway, it was good performance. Since Sanchez messed up, he was eliminated. For me, all the teams were good even tho AOMG messed up ;( If only they did not mess up, it could be the best performance. I swear the song was so good. I really hope Ssamd and Gray did something to minimize the weakness of their team. The songs I like: Sinsa by YG, Not the person you used to know by AOMG, Mugunghwa by Gil and Mad Clown and the last was Air DotheQ (?) by Illionaire. It needs sometime to really like full hip hop song. Ok, I think it is enough. Eps 7 they will have diss battle and live performance with producers. Please anticipate this ;)  

 Here are the links of each team performances:
Gill and Mad Clown team ->

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